Second Grade Here I Come!

Second Grade Here I Come

I can’t believe I officially have a second grader. Just a few months ago I was trying to figure out how to pack Tristan, his ventilator, and all of his medical supplies into our car to drop Tatiana off to school every day. Now we’re back to our regular routine off rushing out of the door every morning solo.

It sucks.

It sucks because he’s not here anymore and Tatiana can’t give him kisses first thing in the morning and first thing when she comes home. At the same time, I’m happy and proud. I’m proud of my princess for skipping kindergarten and doing so well holding her own with the big kids. So although we’re both sad that she can’t physically share these special moments with TJ, we’re both happy because we know that he’s always here with us. 

Today Tatiana starts second grade and it’s bittersweet but I know it’s going to be a great year because we have a special little angel shining down on us now.

Second Grade Here I Come Second Grade Here I Come Second Grade Here I ComeSecond Grade Here I ComeSecond Grade Here I Come

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